KIWI: Expedition Cruising - A SilverSea Sub-Antarctic Journey

This type of trip is fast becoming a global phenomenon, from New Zealand's sun-Antactic regions, Alaska, Patagonia or around Easter island, adventurous souls now find these specialty trips with fewer cruise passengers a great way to explore remote and sometimes unique, pristine parts of the world.

In November I’m off galovanting on a very special SilverSea Expedition Cruise to New Zealand’s Sub-Antarctic Islands. Dramatic scenery and incredible wildlife will vie for my attention in New Zealand's rarely visited Sub-Antarctic Islands. Silver Discoverer visits all five-island groups — each an island unto itself. The geographical isolation from the mainland and each other has shaped the remarkable biodiversity; and all are epicentres of evolution. Here I'll cruise within feet of a rare, Yellow-eyed Penguins, admire a Wandering Albatross lifting his enormous wings to take flight, or witness the raw power of an 800-lb (400 kg) bellowing sea lion bull staking out his territory. I can't wait to set sail. Oh and check out my suite!

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