iPad and iPhone Survival Kit

Get more from your iPad and iPhone with a Griffin Survivor Case. More protection, more style, more freedom to enjoy life with with your favourite device safely by your side.

Griffin has just revamped its Survivor case range - the most protective cases the company has built with US military testing - and they also released new cases for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Whether you’re an amateur wilderness enthusiast trekking through the Amazon rainforest (which I just did) or just relaxing on a New Zealand beach, with Griffin Technology's Survivor range, you can take your phone or iPad with you anywhere, and be sure it won't get damaged!

Cases in the Survivor range are shock-absorbing, resistant to dust, wind, dirt and rain and sustain six-foot drops. Griffin cases are also designed to be slim, durable, stylish, practical and are suitable for any age group.










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