Shane’s book takes you on a wild ride of adventurous possibilities in New Zealand.

Adventure Travel in New Zealand.

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About This Book - An Introduction

Congratulations, you have just selected the most comprehensive guidebook of its kind on Adrenalin Adventures in New Zealand. We will reveal and recommend a focused and observational insight into thousands of places, products and services to ensure you get the very best out of whatever region you decide to visit on your next trip or vacation.

Adventure in New Zealand is not something that just happened when bungy-jumping became popular 20 odd years ago. It started in the Southern Alps – a place where Victorian era mountaineers like Alex and Peter Graham and Jack Clarke began guiding tourists as far back as 1903. In fact Jack Clark was a former chief guide at Mt Cook, and on Christmas Day in 1894 in a group of three made the first ascent of Mt Cook. By November 1909, mountain guides Jack Clark and Alex Graham and their client Bernard Head stepped onto the 3027m summit of Mt Aspiring – known figuratively as the Matterhorn of the South. From their starting point in Wanaka the expedition took them two weeks – nowadays a fit group can hike it there and back in three days from the road-end.

New Zealand is one of the most adventure flavoured countries on the planet. In fact some people even refer to it as the adventure capital of the world. What we do know is that active adventures are a part of the New Zealand landscape, a place so diverse and changeable that it demands respect whatever sport or undertaking you may try. Our little country is 268.680 km2 or 103,738 sq miles in size. It has over 4.4 million inhabitants (2008) and per capita more people own boats here than any other country in the world – it’s no wonder sailing in our country is one of the most recognisable outdoor sports. This country can supply a pinch of every exhilarating adventure imaginable and then some.

This guide is for adventurous people who like to dive over wrecks, horse trek in high country stations, river surf down world class rivers, explore some of the best surf beaches in the Pacific or ice climb in snow capped mountains. For adrenalin junkies there are spine tingling adventures from high wire swings to high altitude bungy jumping. In fact in 2008, over 681,000 international visitors – nearly a third of all overseas visitors – undertook some form of adventure tourism and is nowadays seen as the cornerstone of the tourism marketing overseas by the New Zealand government.

This guidebook is aimed at people who want to escape and enjoy adventure filled holidays, to actively participate in what our geographically blessed country has to offer. Adventures can be explored at any age of life from hiking a rainforest track to sailing in the Tasman Sea. Life is about exploring different paths that suit different individuals and as such your choice of adventure will differ from your neighbours or your spouse. The idea is to just get outdoors and do it.

Note: There is nothing worse than reading guidebooks only to find a company’s details are outdated just a few months after publication, so I have purposely refrained from quoting prices, timetables, days of operation, physical and email addresses and telephone numbers etc. However where possible I have included website details that will allow you the reader to make your own qualified judgement of the operator, make enquiries or check current facts and figures.

Whether you spend half a day, a week or a lifetime in our great country, you’ll find this book a valuable and user-friendly tool for making the most of your activity time here. We hope you enjoy the book as much as I’ve enjoyed putting it all together. 

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